Our primary business objective is to further enhance our position in the Financial PR services industry in Hong Kong and replicate our success in international capital markets, particularly in the United States

We deliver a significant portion of our comprehensive Financial PR services to clients through IJL, our primary operating entity in Hong Kong.

The following are the major services which we provide for our clients:


Conferences & Interviews Services

  • Coordinate shareholders meetings and press conferences for our clients, monitor questionand answer sessions, and media interviews
  • Arrange conferences to release our clients’ financial and operational information or specific matters to media, investors, research analysts, and other interested parties
  • Arrange site visits for fund managers, securities analysts, and reporters and conduct
    meetings with the management of our clients


Media Relations & Monitoring Services

  • Ensure that sufficient corporate information is conveyed to the media and investors
  • Provide market information and news for our clients to keep their management and relevant personnel abreast of the latest market developments
  • Provide extensive coverage for our clients with our media monitoring service, reporting daily on stock trading performance information collected from various fund pricing applications


Investor Polling Services

  • Compile questionnaires and conduct investor surveys for our clients
  • Provide clients with an in-depth knowledge of investors’ perception of our client’s business outlook
  • Follow up by preparing a report that analyzes the materials and information obtained frominvestors and summarizes their opinions on our clients


Crisis Management Services

  • Prepare crisis contingency plans, organize crisis public relations teams, and establish crisis management mechanisms for our clients whenever necessary
  • Provide strategic communications counsel, investor relations support, and tailored communication advice on capital markets transactions and other situations
  • In the event that a crisis occurs, convene an emergency meeting to discuss and analyze thesituation and its possible negative impact and ascertain the extent of the crisis and market reaction to protect the image and reputation of our client and its brands


Investor Relations & Targeting Services

  • Provide investors with publicly available information about our clients, such as their line of business, development trends, and industry prospects
  • Plan and develop promotional events and present listing news through various promotionchannels to maximize the effectiveness of the publicity we generate
  • Publish and distribute research articles through third-party media in Mainland China and Hong Kong and through professional columns reviews, various social media platforms, andapps for brokerage


Coordinate Listing Activities Services

  • Provide Financial PR services during a company’s IPO in Hong Kong
  • Roadshows
  • Investor luncheons
  • Press conferences/media briefings
  • Listing ceremonies
  • Site visits/business tours